All the Terrier News Fit to Print

Hi! Terr terr reports I'll be your guide.  Well let's talk about Clover, an Irish Terrier so cute and cuddly, yet so evil.  As you might of heard she has a big brother, Elvis.  She is a playful terrier. She has operation D.O.G Detective Overboard giant. Ahh Clover, Clover, Clover. Clover is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin swissconsin that's what people say. Clover is a swiss head. The cutest little dog in the world. Yes that's right in the world. She is scruffy and orange. Treats, yes treats she loves treats and food always food. Did I forget pets she also likes to chew. Now to much about Clover

Now for poodle. Elvis, a standard poodle so handsome, yet still so cute. As you might of heard he has a little sister, Clover. He is a friendly poodle. He has operation m.o.m ,many organized mints. Ahhh, fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy. Elvis is from Round Rock, Texas tex mex that's what people say. Elvis is a cuddle head. The handsomest poodle in the world. Yes that's right the the world. He is fluffy and black. Dana, yes Dana, he loves Dana and Cliff always Cliff. Did I forget pets he also likes to cuddle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Well,I hoped you learned about our pets. Bye!